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We are specialists at building various types of extensions all over London and Greater London.

What types of extension would fit into your space and or your living requirements?


 Types of extensions you could opt for, including a side return extension, wrap around extension, rear and side extension, kitchen extensions and many more.

Side Return Extension

Stretches your home into the alleyway at the side of your house and is very typical on Victorian or other types of period properties. Often a relatively small extension, but it can have a great impact on the look and feel of your home. Sometimes clients combine a side return extension with a rear extension to create what is called a wrap-around extension. Either way, a side return extension is fantastic for housing a larger kitchen and dining area. 













How much is a side return extension?

A side return extension may cost around £35,000 in London. Depending on the size of the side return extension, it could cost more. 


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How long does it take to build?

Three to four months, but many times faster. For larger extensions it could take more than six months.

Side return extensions / side extensions are enjoying a huge growth in popularity amongst London families, due to their cost-effectiveness and the smaller scale nature of the job. They allow people to maximise their home’s space and value by simply using the space in the alleyway area at the side of their property..side Return ExtensionGrow your home, keep your garden.Many families looking to create a London home extension are often hampered by the fact that their garden space is at a premium and they do not wish to reduce it. A side return extension, however, uses what is often dead space to the side of a property, opening up corridors, under-stairs space or other so-called ‘dead’ areas of the home so as to create one open space. While your home’s side alley may seem small, it can make a big difference to your nerior dimensions.This makes side return extensions brilliant for creating contemporary open plan kitchen diners, perfect for entertaining and making more living space for a growing family – much more cost effective than moving house in London. It also offers an opportunity to redesign your kitchen (something Simply Extend and their partners can help with). You could opt for a luxury kitchen with a dining and living area that’s perfect for cooking while the kids play – and it’ll add value to your home too.

Side extensions run along the length of the existing room, meaning you can flood the space with light from above using skylights. This means you’ll have a space filled with natural sunlight, making it bright and airy, particularly if you combine it with bi-folding doors or sliding doors that open out on to your patio or garden.Save time and money – Side Return Extension Cost.Cost effective as well as impactful, a side return extension can be a great way to add some living space to your home if you don’t have a big garden or if a rear extension is not possible. The side alley on most houses is typically dead space that is little used. This type of extension can be utilised on any property that has a side alley, including ground floor flats as well as new builds and investment properties.Over the years, we have used some innovative techniques to create some amazing spaces such as utilising skylights, lightwells and floor to ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to bring natural light into a room. We have also created a secret courtyard for one client, which is accessed through the side return extension.Side Return Extensionby Frank Lloyd Wright, open plan living has become ever more popular in the UK. This type of space works well for growing families – especially when the children are small.One of the benefits of the wrap-around extension is the ability to create a stronger connection to the garden. Many of our clients have opted to design indoor-outdoor spaces that bring the outside in. This is achieved by the use of a bi-folding floor to ceiling door, as well as skylights and lightwells which let in plenty of natural light. Another way to achieve flow between your house and garden is to build a deck or patio that is on the same level as your home.

Wrap-around Extension


The wrap around extension can maximise space and change the shape of your home.


Do you want an open plan kitchen, dining area/family room in your home?  A wrap-around extension is the best option.
















How much does a wrap around extension cost?

A wrap around extension may cost around £55,000 in London. Depending on the size of the side return extension it cold cost more.

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Rear Extensions


They extend out from the back of your property and are these are carried out on properties with no side return option or on detached properties.  They extend the size of your house and can normally include a dining or living space in addition.


How much does a rear extension cost?

A rear extension may cost around £40,000 in London. However, depending on the size of the rear kitchen extension it will cost more. 

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Open plan kitchens do have a certain wow factor about them, and with a rear extension, you can impress your friends and family further with show-stopping design features that include the clever use of light through skylights, floor to ceiling windows that frame your garden and through external cladding.

For more information view our rear extensions page.

Double Storey Extensions


Two storey or double storey home extensions cost more than other due to the work would need to be completed on two levels. On the plus side, a huge amount of space is opened up, so you can add a bigger or additional living space as well as an extra bedroom.

Is a great way to maximise space.Not only can you achieve a fabulous kitchen-diner but you can also add an extra bedroom for you or the kids, create a luxurious family bathroom or use it as a home office or studio. Whatever you choose to do with the space, a double story extension will not only enhance your property but your home and family life too.

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Flat Roof Extensions

Flat roof extensions are a cost effective way to get the most out of your living space. Take a look at our flat roof extension page for more ideas around flat roof extensions.

Kitchen Extensions

 Kitchen Extension
Kitchen extensions can be built using any of the above types of extensions such as a side return extension and wrap around extension. Kitchen extensions are the most common type of function that an extension is built for, but that does not mean you shouldn’t build an extension for any other reason. You can make a games room, living room, man cave, and much more.

Wrap around extensions are ideal if you really want to maximise the space available in your London home – perfect if you want a lot more space but don’t want the cost or stress of moving house. They incorporate both a rear extension and a side return extension to create an L-shaped space that wraps around your home, creating additional space on two sides.

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